How does the helpline work?sameer

1) The helpline provides FREE email assistance all, based on a simple registration.
2) Email a synopsis of your problem by clicking over here. You can also call 022 4920 5000 for clarification on the process.
3) Samir and a group of dedicated volunteers will examine the complaint and guide you on how to seek redressal or resolution with facts, links to railways notifications, circulars, court judgements.
4) On every Monday between 4 to 6 pm, there will be an opportunity for personal interaction with Samir Zaveri and railways experts to seek guidance. This will be by prior appointment by calling 022 4920500 or clicking the mail button above.

About Samir Zaveri

• Samir Zaveri helped bust a fake bail bond racket and fake court being run by a group of railway protection force (RPF) personnel at Kurla station in Mumbai to rob migrant workers returning to their home state with savings. • Exposing this racket, which received wide media coverage, angered these RPF personnel. They filed false and vindictive cases against Samir Zaveri including kidnapping of an 'illegal' hawker. He has emerged successful from these cases. • Samir got the Railways to install medical facilities at Dadar station through an order from the Bombay High Court, which also ordered payments to private hospitals (to ensure that victims are taken to the nearest hospital) and to ambulance services and helpers, in order to ensure they make haste to help. While there are several passenger associations and activists, Samir has single-handedly done more for Mumbai's 75 lakh railway passengers than anyone else.

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80 lakh Mumbaikars travel by train everyday 25 of them meet with an accident 10-12 of them lose their lives About 3500 or more railway deaths every year in Mumbai alone. Yet, only a few of these make it to the newspapers. Most of them get a tiny mention. Some of us notice them, most don't bother. But one extraordinary individual, who survived such an accident at the age of 16, but at the cost of both his legs, refuses to move on. Samir Zaveri, recently confirmed as a Mumbai Hero by a local daily, has devoted his life to helping victims of railways accidents. While he started out wanting to help save lives in the golden hour after an accident, he has ended up building an amazing track record of fighting for medical facilities, compensation and reimbursement as well as innumerable cases of extortion and harassment by railway employees and the police. Much of this has come at a great personal cost and risk. Why is Moneylife Foundation starting this helpline? This tireless activist now wants to formalize his process of helping people by leading a formal helpline for railway passengers through Moneylife Foundation. The initial money for this has come from Samir himself; he has donated Rs50,000 that he received as an award for his work from the Neel Group. But that will cover only one month's expenditure. Please help us to create a corpus to build a sustainable helpline for 80 lakh railway commuters. We are delighted to say that support has already started coming in for this initiative, but we need more. Please help by clicking the donate button on the right. What will the helpline do? It will guide by email all issues that affect railways commuters such as: • Procedures for dealing with accidents and death • Compensation claims • Fighting for better amenities and infrastructure • Dealing with harassment and extortion by railway employees and railway police. • Educate people on their rights in connection with the railways Samir has witnessed the callousness of the Railways, Railway Protection Force (RPF) and even state-managed Government Railway Police (GRP) on several occasions. He even faced the wrath of the Railways and Police for his tireless, never giving up spirit and humble attitude. What the Helpline will not do The Helpline will provide guidance and hand-holding, it will point you to ways of seeking redressal, but will not fight your cause or file your complaints.

Help Samir

The success of the Samir Zaveri Helpline depends on your generosity and your willingness to help victims of horrible railway accidents, thefts and such. He needs your monetary assistance to make a big difference in making Mumbai the safest place for travel. Moneylife Foundation is collecting money on Samir's behalf.
Donations are eligible for tax benefits under Sec 80G of the Income Tax 1961 (50% tax exemption). Moneylife Foundation is also registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 and has a valid FCRA license.

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You can donate to us through RTGS/NEFT, using the following details: Organisation: Moneylife Foundation Bank Account No: 909010039802584 Bank Account Type: Savings Account Bank Name: Axis Bank Ltd. Bank Branch: Shivaji Park Bank Address: 81, Dev Kunj, Veer Savarkar Marg, Shivaji Park, Dadar (w), Mumbai - 400028. IFSC Code: UTIB0000341 Alternatively, you can send a Cheque/Demand Draft in favour of 'MONEYLIFE FOUNDATION' accompanied by a letter indicating if it is a corpus donation. We will also need the following information in order to send you the tax-exemption certificate.
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Please send your donation to our FCRA Account: Account Name: MONEYLIFE FOUNDATION Account Number: 040601000028859 Bank Name: Bank of Baroda Branch Address: 309, Chandavarkar Road, Matunga (Central RLY), Mumbai-400019, India. IFSC Code: BARB0CHANDA MICR Code: 400012046 BIC/SWIFT Code: BARBINBBMAT Please mail us at – Complete details to trace donations, issue receipts and for proper account maintenance. This is extremely crucial for our audit requirements.
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Hats-off to Moneylife for providing a perfect platform to support Samir Zaveri and to reach out to the masses. KUDOS to Samir Zaveri for his outstanding service towards railway passengers which I came know from Moneylife

Harikumar H