I had the privilege of being invited to the seminar ‘Safe and Smart Savings to take care of your Retirement Years’ hosted at your Office by Ms Sucheta Dalal and Mr Debashish  Basu on 29th May 2015.

It was a sterling event for me. Since then, I sort of went into hibernation or cold storage as I am not on the net always and regularly !!!

I am 67 and do not give up easily and I remember one clear message from Ms Sucheta Dalal that day. That the elderly  must vent their views and opinions by writing continuously if they wish to be heard and for policies and laws to be enacted and put into place . And in India the so called SENIOR CITIZENS lobby is a meagre 5 to 6% and hence will never be heard. Abroad, it is a vibrant and strong 70% and more .
What has catalyzed me into action is when I attended an event on WORLD ELDERS DAY on 1st October 2015 at TISS, Deonar, Mumbai when they discussed POSITIVE AGING and ELDER POWER. And our tribe is growing and swelling at an alarming and challenging rate . And I need to do more and by getting together, the FORCE then grows with you! [ quoting STAR WARS ]
Ms Sucheta Dalal will always be busy what with her seminar in Chennai on 7th November 2015. To cut matters short, if you will be organizing seminars for SENIOR CITIZENS in future, please do keep me in the loop and in the know.

There are many GREY areas like housing , wills , insurance , medicals , counselling , what SENIOR CITIZENS must know and there rights towards the framing of policies and this will gain great prominence and importance as the so called GREY FORCE grows and finds its growth stunted by its own unplanned growth!
Please inform me of further planned events and where I can be of assistance.

It will at least keep my grey cells alive and kicking!

Arthur James