This is a “Thank you” note for your guidance on my query to LRC. This has really helped me a lot to take right legal steps.

As per your suggestion I filled a case against “Omnitech Infosolutions” for “Settlement of Dues”.

You can recall that Omnitech Infosolution is also reported by Moneylife for defaulting payments of “Corporte FD”. Though I have not recived my dues yet but I am hopeful that I may receive it in near future.

Thanks again for your support in this case and wishing you all the success in your intiatives.

Abhishek Patil

First, let me congratulate you and thank you for your wonderful services towards educating people.
I just subscribed to the premium subscription.

Girija Kumar Kasinadhuni BANGALORE

I had the privilege of being invited to the seminar ‘Safe and Smart Savings to take care of your Retirement Years’ hosted at your Office by Ms Sucheta Dalal and Mr Debashish  Basu on 29th May 2015.

It was a sterling event for me. Since then, I sort of went into hibernation or cold storage as I am not on the net always and regularly !!!

I am 67 and do not give up easily and I remember one clear message from Ms Sucheta Dalal that day. That the elderly  must vent their views and opinions by writing continuously if they wish to be heard and for policies and laws to be enacted and put into place . And in India the so called SENIOR CITIZENS lobby is a meagre 5 to 6% and hence will never be heard. Abroad, it is a vibrant and strong 70% and more .
What has catalyzed me into action is when I attended an event on WORLD ELDERS DAY on 1st October 2015 at TISS, Deonar, Mumbai when they discussed POSITIVE AGING and ELDER POWER. And our tribe is growing and swelling at an alarming and challenging rate . And I need to do more and by getting together, the FORCE then grows with you! [ quoting STAR WARS ]
Ms Sucheta Dalal will always be busy what with her seminar in Chennai on 7th November 2015. To cut matters short, if you will be organizing seminars for SENIOR CITIZENS in future, please do keep me in the loop and in the know.

There are many GREY areas like housing , wills , insurance , medicals , counselling , what SENIOR CITIZENS must know and there rights towards the framing of policies and this will gain great prominence and importance as the so called GREY FORCE grows and finds its growth stunted by its own unplanned growth!
Please inform me of further planned events and where I can be of assistance.

It will at least keep my grey cells alive and kicking!

Arthur James

This is regarding various good articles appeared in your site. Whether all these information in a printed form referred to Ministry concerned and PMO to ensure worthwhile action from their end. Remember, always send hard copy and also soft copy of the report/ findings so that they can take appropriate steps. Many of the articles seems to be exemplary.


I stumbled upon a YouTube video of one of your sessions, and from there the foundation website. I promptly registered. I wanted to send a note to Thank the team for providing such fantastic resources!  Thanks again!

Siddharth Karwankar Hyderabad

New readers are always coming in, like me. For me he is still fresh!
And as a instructor in professional training, I am promoting ML as much as I can, as it is singularly the only money/life magazine one can place one’s trust on, and so, invest one\’s greatest resource, one\’s time.

Pradeep Kumar Subscriber

Thanks to the entire team in Moneylife for all your effort. You are the one that we can trust in this dark world of investments and finance.

Keep going!



Karthikeyan Koundinya MSSN Subscriber & MLF Member

Best wishes in your path breaking work. You are an inspiration for middle class people like myself.

Regards, Vishal Modi

Vishal Modi MSSN Subscriber & MLF Member

Dear Madam,

Seasons greetings to you and thank you all for a very rewarding sessions and interactive questionnaire replete with soul searching think.

I wish to congratulate you, Mr Basu and your entire team for dedication and passion. for new year.

Best wishes for glorious future.

A. Mohanty

Abha Mohanty

Hello Sucheta,

I was travelling and couldn’t convey my words on email to deeply thank you and your team helping me to get this credit fraud complaint resolved.

After disappointment of sending 50+ emails, 15+ Customer service calls and 6+ communication with Axisbank branch, filling dispute forms, insurance claim forms, police & cybercell visit, 60 days of time, etc for the resolution. But it seemed that there would be no satisfactory reply. On top of this received 15+ calls and 30+ messages for payment of money and everyone promising to get back to their seniors with escalation.

Hadn’t it been Moneylife Foundation’s help, I felt all doors closed.

I am very grateful for the time and efforts you and your team have put into taking my request and giving such importance, contacting personnel and following up to a complaint placed for a service with a third party.

Consider this email as a deep thank you and my support in all possible ways towards spreading the word about your work in supporting a common man for his rights and awareness among people.

Thanking you,
Godwin Pinto

Godwin Pinto