Hello Sucheta,

I was travelling and couldn’t convey my words on email to deeply thank you and your team helping me to get this credit fraud complaint resolved.

After disappointment of sending 50+ emails, 15+ Customer service calls and 6+ communication with Axisbank branch, filling dispute forms, insurance claim forms, police & cybercell visit, 60 days of time, etc for the resolution. But it seemed that there would be no satisfactory reply. On top of this received 15+ calls and 30+ messages for payment of money and everyone promising to get back to their seniors with escalation.

Hadn’t it been Moneylife Foundation’s help, I felt all doors closed.

I am very grateful for the time and efforts you and your team have put into taking my request and giving such importance, contacting personnel and following up to a complaint placed for a service with a third party.

Consider this email as a deep thank you and my support in all possible ways towards spreading the word about your work in supporting a common man for his rights and awareness among people.

Thanking you,
Godwin Pinto

Godwin Pinto

I am a subscriber and regular reader of Money life magazine since last seven years. The magazine and initiatives taken by them have enhanced my knowledge on savings and investments. Mr. Debashish basu and Ms Sucheta Dalal are doing excellent jobs.

Best wishes.
(Suresh Kadam)

Suresh Kadam MSSN subscriber and MLF member

Thank you SBI Life for resolving this case. Special thanks to Ms Sucheta Dalal and Mr.Debasis Basu for their initiatives.

Thanks and Regards
Srinivasa Raghavan

Srinivasa Raghavan MLF member

Team Moneylife
Moneylife Foundation

At the outset I would like to thank you and congratulate for the wonderful platfor ‘Moneylife Foundation’ and ‘Moneylife Magazine’. It is for this wonderful organisation that common investors like me are able to survive in the ocean of ‘capital markets’.

Team Moneylife under the leadership of Madam Sucheta Dalal and Shri Debashis Basu are doing ‘service par excellence’ for the masses. Perhaps, this is only one platform in the country that strives for the common investors and consumers. Whether it be various programmes or workshop, ‘Team Moneylife’ has always strived and struggled to stand for the rights and welfare of the common people. I find myself lucky to be part of this association and to be a staunch ‘Moneylifer’. Maybe I should be more active in helping ‘Moneylife team’ to be able to qualify as ‘Moneylife Karyakarta’.

With my association, I have had learned many things. ‘Moneylife’ created major awareness on numerous issues related to finance, consumer rights, life, health etc. In fact, the peace in my ‘money life’ (finance life) is only and only beacause of Moneylife. It created major awareness in terms of saving, investing in right avenues. Till date, I always make it a point to attend maximum number of events at the foundation. I have learned so many things varing across various topics viz. Investing, Consumer rights, life etc. I always insist my friends to attend them.

Reading the magazine is always a treat, in fact I am always keen on every issue and make it a point to read it carefully. ‘Moneylife’ is a very informative magazine which presents the real picture of the Capital Markets and other aspects which no other ‘MSM’ house would dare to do. Be it issue of ‘Credit Score’ ‘Debt Markets’ ‘Stock Selection Method’, I could understand them conceptually which improved my perception and vision about them. I understood the concept of bonds by reading te issue. I have even enjoyed attending every workshop on ‘investing’. Learning the concept of “PE Bond’, ‘Gilt’ returns charts created great amount of awareness in me. I wish and request if we can have some more such workshops in the future. I may also suggest that team ‘Moneylife’ should conduct such ‘paid’ workshops as such knowledge in public interest is no available anywhere. Let people value it and realise it’s importance.

A common investor could never imagine to have access to so much of information which is so systematic, conceptual and in depth. It is only because of Moneylife that common man has awareness and feels empowered. Else the markets are full of sharks and faulty products. Be it Stock Letter or MSSN initiative, it has played a major role in my ‘money life’. It is because these wonderful products that my awareness about various stock, financial products exists else it was ‘zero’. The latest ‘credit helpline’ has taken MLF to new heights.

Logging into ‘moneylife.in’ a couple of times in a day is a habitual practice for me. I tend to rely on Moneylife for my ‘news knowledge’ especially the daily and weekly market report and various stories which is never seen in ‘MSM’.

No amount of praise words can be enough to appreciate the work of ‘MONEYLIFE’, I take a bow for great work done by the entire team. ‘Moneylife team’ has created considerable amount of awareness among common investors and make them empowered which no government can ever do. Reading Moneylife Magazine, Stock Letter, MSSN, Market Reports or attending any Event is a pleasure. I thank ‘Moneylife’ for all, in fact it’s doing great service to society for public welfare. I always spread the word about ‘Moneylife’ wherever I go.

A big thank you to Moneylife team!
Wishing you all the very best! May the team achieve new heights!

Dharmesh Sampat

Dharmesh Sampat MSSN subscriber and MLF member

I am extremely pleased to read the contents of your Newsletter for Oct 2014 stating that many new steps have been taken by Moneylife Foundation to help people in financial distress. You are already rendering a yeoman service to this sector by providing a powerful platform to the people who are suffering because of high-handedness of managements of certain companies who collect money from senior citizens and others by appointing marketing experts and other companies to generate deposits for them and thereafter the company managements neither refund the principal amounts nor pay interest after maturity of such deposits.

Thanks and regards,

New Delhi


Respected Madam,

Since last few months I am reading the articles in Money Life received through mails & found them to be unbiased .

I am convinced that your each step is in the best interest of India’s common people .

I want to be a part of your movement.

Pramod Chaturvedi

Pramod Chaturvedi

Mr. Gopalakrishnan had called me up more than a month back. We had a lengthy, informative and very fruitful discussion. I followed what he suggested and as he said, “Knowledge is Power”. It saved me a lot as [ to be frank ] some people were asking for bribes to get my documents even though I paid all the outstanding as there was a co-borrower. I was not sure to get document even after paying the amount, so remembered you, as my trusted Friend-in-Need at my hard times. Mr. Gopalakrishnan had explained me many a things, more than what I was expecting. He is really a perennial source of information.

I am truly indebted to you, Moneylife and Mr. Gopalakrishnan for helping me in all ways and enlightening me. I sincerely thank each one of you, as you are all serving without charging any fees. I will surely continue to read Moneylife. I will also recommend your magazine and services to my friends.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,



Thank you Sucheta Mam and Mr Gopalakrishnan sir for your help.

I want to Convey my Heartily Gratitude to you for all the help and advice you have shared with me in the past.

A little less than a week, i contacted you about an issue. Based on the advice you gave me, it helped me a lot in reducing the confusion I was facing. It was just really great to have some validation and results at the end.

Once again Thank you so much for providing all the advice and Insights .

Thanks to Sucheta for creating such beautiful place where people can share his/her issues and can get solution instantly.

Ranjeet Singh

Ranjeet Singh Disha Counselee

Some time ago, I approached Moneylife Foundation to help me to withdraw from an insurance policy from ICICI Prudential which had been mis sold to me (I am 76 years old) and for which I would have to continue paying the premiums for several years.  After giving the details to Sucheta Dalal the matter was promptly taken up by her with ICICI Prudential and I was able to exit from the policy.  Without the help of Moneylife Foundation it would not have been possible for me to do so as I was not getting a satisfactory answer to the queries I had raised with ICICI Prudential.

I am grateful to Moneylife Foundation for the help received, as also for the seminars I have attended which have enabled me to understand the world of investments much better, particularly considering the fact that even large companies have indulged in misleading advertising and selling.  Moneylife magazine has not hesitated to take on even the big names in business as well as SEBI and other institutions, when required to do so.

Kudos to them for what is clearly a thankless task.

Ernest Fernandes


Ernest Fernandes Past President Bombay Management Association

Dear Sucheta,

Delighted to see that you and Debashish received the M.R. Pai Award. Nobody deserved it better than Moneylife and you. Every time I read your magazine, I keep thinking how it goes far beyond finance and markets to make readers savvy consumers as well.

Several subject ideas in Reader’s Digest have come from Moneylife’s stories. The best example was our recent “Mangelal Sharma and the Miss-sold Mutual Fund”, which was extremely popular with our readers. It got reprinted in new book on banking as well as in another magazine. Moneylife and Viresh are mentioned in it. I see many changes in Indian banking and other rules too, after you’ve brought them up in your stories. For example, the recent one where customers are not penalized for dormant accounts (a point we also made in our Mangelal story).

Mr M.R. Pai was a good senior friend of mine. We got close in the mid-1990s after I spent much time with him doing a story on his life and work for the Digest.


Mohan Sivanand Editor-at-Large (Readers Digest)