I am a member of Moneylife and do attend the seminars once in a while – though not as much as I would like to.

Very often we are quick to criticise people or institution, whereas we never take the time to appreciate those who are doing a good job.

This is to tell you that you and your colleagues are doing great work and I really appreciate it.

My office is based in Navi Mumbai. I would request you to hold these seminars in Navi Mumbai also. The people living there mostly are young couples for whom these financial fundas would be a boon. Do let me know if I could help in any way.

Niranjan Bangera Moneylife Foundation Member

Hi Sucheta,

I just got off a call from Mr. R Gopalakrishna. He advised me about my current status and also gave me useful tips on how I can sort a few things in my report.

This session was extremely helpful and I thank you guys for a wonderful job.

Thank you once again.

Arun S Disha Counselee

I thank you very much for providing free and unbiased information in Moneylife Foundation Insurance Helpline. Consequently I have become a premium member of the Money Life Smart Savers Network.

Thanking You

Prasanna Rajan MSSN Premium Member

For what you do, my contribution could be like adding a drop of water to the ocean. I wish I could contribute more. I hope I do so in the future. Please keep up your good work! May He continue to give you the courage and strength in your endeavor.

Selva Nayagam Moneylife Foundation Member

Thanks a lot for your support in forwarding my matter to Mr. Gopalakrishnan.
Yes, talking to Mr. Gopalakrishnan was a wonderful and information session and it really helped me.
Today only I have paid off my debts following the instructions given by Mr. Gopalakrishnan.
I might speak with Mr. Gopalarishnan in near future once again .
Thanks you so much for all the help , guidance & support.

Tamanna Balwani Moneylife Foundation Member

Dear Sir Madam,

I have contacted your office regarding 2 issues:

1.) Complaint against Shriram City Union Finance Ltd for not following proper
procedures in processing and disbursal of Mortgage Loan.
2.) Complaint against Union Bank ofIndia for wrongfully charging me penal interest of
Rs. 10,644/- towards foreclosure of Mortgage Loan.
I would like to inform you that both the issues have been resolved only because of the guidance being provided by Shri Gopalkrishnanji, Financial Counsellor. I met him almost 5 to 6 times related to the above 2 issues and he had given me his valuable advice which has helped me in getting 2 important documents such as :-
a) List of Documents and b) Copy of Mortgage Loan Agreement from Shriram City Union Finance Ltd as complaint was escalated to Department of Non-Banking Services, RBI. Shriram City Union Finance Ltd has given me the above 2 documents after a long wait of 5 months only after the intervention of RBI Authorities.
Also, Union Bank of India, Duncan Road Branch, Mumbai – 400008 has credited my SB AlC with them in cash of Rs. 10,644/- which they have illegally collected from me towards penal interest as the matter was escalated to Banking Ombudsman, RBI. The bank hascontacted me for the settlement almost after 6 months.
The above resolutions wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Shri Gopalkrishnanji so I am offering my gratitude to him and also to Moneylife Foundation which has given a very good platform through its office which is very helpful to aggrieved customers like me. May God Bless Shri Gopalkrishnanji with healthy and a long life.
I would also request Moneylife Foundation to publish these 2 success stories in its Newsletter which will create awareness amongst the fellow citizens to fight the menace of worst customer service from Financial Institutions such as Banks & NBFCs.
Thanks a million.
Thanking You,

Krishnachand Rampat Yadav Moneylife Foundation Member

I wanted to convey my thanks to Mr. Gopalakrishnan. Thanks to his guidance I followed up with the contact person in the Standard Chartered bank that he provided and got a resolution to my problem.
The bank agreed that there was no outstanding on my card and rectified their records. My CIBIL score has now become 800+.
I will be grateful to Mr.Gopalakrishnan for this help. A big thanks to Moneylife team also for this initiative.

Aparna Singh Disha Counselee

Thank you for your response advising me to refer my grievance on the subject to your Legal Resource Centre for appropriate advice. I was very happy to have a phone call from the Chief Counsellor, Mr. M.R. Gopalakrishnan today.

Since the Banking Ombudsman, on the basis of clarifications given by ING Vysya Bank Officers closed my case without even giving me an opportunity to approach the Appellate Authority and instead advised me to approach the Civil Court, the advice given by Mr. Gopalakrishnan to lodge a fresh complaint with the CEO / MD of ING Vysya Bank, and subsequently to RBI Governor (if need be), lifted my spirit.

I really appreciated Mr Gopalakrishnan’s candid views on the prevailing unethical practices at some banks, which go mostly unnoticed.

Thank you Mr Gopalakrishnan and thank you Moneylife for the laudable free advice to the customers on many financial and/or other matters.

Shailesh Sonawani Moneylife Foundation Member
First of all let me compliment you for the great work you are doing through Money life foundation and please keep up the good work so that many more like me take advantage of it.
I had raised a concern regarding one of my financial issue that i had raised through money life website. Today i received a call from Mr R Gopalakrishnan from Disha foundation who said he was tied up with money life. It was great talking to him and the suggestions/advice that he provided were logical and really made sense. I would seriously act upon his suggestions and hope to come out of this mess as soon as possible.
In fact i had signed as a guarantor to one of my fried for his loan and was stuck and had written to money life about it.
Thank you once again for all the good work, articles you publish and the amount of financial awareness that you are creating.
I am already a subscriber of your team and would like to continue till this good work continues.
Muralidhar Kini Disha Counselee

One word “Fantastic”… you are the best. I am your customer for life now. I am absolutely delighted by my choice of Moneylife.

Ashish Aggarwal Moneylife Stockletter Subscriber