I wish you all the best… May your business achieve new hights day after day n month after month…!

Satish Bhatia Moneylife Foundation Member

Dear Sir, Madam,

This is to sincerely thank you and your team for resolving the issue with my CIBIL report. Yesterday I had a mail form CIBIL acknowledging their error and correcting my report. My special thanks goes out to Mr. Yogesh Sapkale, Deputy Editor without whose intervention this couldn’t have been possible. Three cheer to the Moneylife team. Kudos. You guys rock….

Best regards,

GIRIMON VASU ML Foundation Member

At the outset I would like to congratulate MONEYLIFE magazine for their excellent unbiased analysis of various issues affecting common man in their daily life While I am a subscriber of many financial magazines I prefer moneylife over other magazines nowadays. I am really happy to share with you that I have made reasonably very good profits by going through your STOCKS STREET BEAT. Even recommended this magazine to many of my friends.


I have utmost respect for the untiring efforts you and your foundation put to help people. In the article you have mentioned one person as a marine engineer. Mariners are one of the most easy prey for agents. Totally out of touch with the real world and trustworthy and flush with funds.

Dinesh Acharya Moneylife Foundation Member

I think this is need of hour that is educating the people about their rights and the to follow certain legal as well as administrative procedure.This is being done by Money Life foundation.This is a very service that you are doing for the people of this great country.


Pankaj Desai

Thank you so much Moneylife Foundation,

Thank you so much Mr Gopalakrishnan for all your help to clarify my doubt. You answered all my questions, and your support was greatly appreciated. You guided me such a way I felt like, I was talking with my father. Most important thing is, you explained everything in simple and non-financial language, that general people can easily understand.

Once again thanks to Moneylife Foundation for giving such a experienced person for counselling.

Thank you

Kaibalya Rout Moneylife Foundation Member

We are all thank full for your generosity in bringing these kind of marvels,concept highlighting every vision big and wide open. With your will power things will surely be created in a beautiful manner, and we all have hope that you can bring the perfect essence of your effort. We thank you for your great deeds to all livings.

Thanking you once again

Stanley D'souza

It is great to see MoneyLife mag is keeping its quality and focus despite the really long bear market we had. This is the one financial magazine I always never stopped reading

Sajjeev Antony


Sajjeev Antony

Dear Sucheta,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and your team at Moneylife Foundation for all the help and guidance you gave to me on my HSBC case in bringing it to fruition. It is an unprecedented conclusion to a matter of this kind and would have been difficult to achieve without the dedication, patience and hard work of you and your team.

It has been a tough fight and I am immensely relieved for the closure. At one point I did almost start to believe that the system would win and would have perhaps given up but for the tireless efforts of many. The amount of time acumen and hard work you and your team put into this matter has reiterated my faith that some people do indeed have their hearts in the right place

I do believe that the future of our nation is safer due to the efforts of selfless dedicated and fearless people such as yourself and your brave warriors at Moneylife Foundation / Disha . A special thank you also to Mr Gopalakrishnan for his kind guidance.

Shekhar Kapur joins me in thanking you for all your efforts and help once again.

Best Regards
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi Former Film Actress

Just wanted to say thank you! I enjoyed Dr. Khemka’s talk immensely.

As always, the speakers you invite enlighten us to the malaise prevalent all around and stir up people like us to really do something to help. What is more heartening is to know that invariably there are people who are ready to take on the gauntlet braving risk to make a difference. Their success stories against the odds they face firmly reaffirms the motto of my alma matter: ‘Never Give in’.

Prabal Nag Moneylife Foundation Member