Thank you for your invitation. Firstly congratulations! It would be right to say that through this initiative you have provided yeoman service to the community. I wish you and the team all the best.

I will be out of the country on the date of the function and hence please accept my personal wishes on this occasion.

Kamath K.V Moneylife Foundation Member

I read most of your articles and want to congratulate you for giving readers a different perspective than what the corporate media would have us believe. Your articles are well researched and very well balanced.

If you recall, you had invited me to deliver a talk at Moneylife about my experiences and books. It was a great experience for me.

I have actually written 3 more books since and they are doing rather well. ‘Manat’ on psychology with 35000 copies sold in 2 years, ‘Musafir’ -my autobiography with 45000 copies sold in 14 months and ‘Ganiti’ on Mathematics is about to cross 20000 in just 4 months. These numbers may look very small compared to the sales figures of some of the books in English, but, in Marathi, they are very very high indeed!

I would have loved to present these to you if you were a Marathi reader.

Anyways, please do keep writing.

Achyut Godbole Moneylife Foundation Member

Please accept my very sincere appreciations for your fearless writing. The Moneylife Foundation is doing wonderful service for the cause of Truth and Justice, not only in finance but in other areas like health and social causes. Only God can reward you for this service.

Narendra Gupta Moneylife Foundation member

Ably guided by Sucheta Dalal, Debashis Basu and teammates are indeed a great help to the society, especially to ill-informed individuals on various aspects of day-to-day life. Let MONEYLIFE grow by LEAPS & BOUNDS!

Data Barve Moneylife Foundation member

Congratulations on being recognised as a supporter of Consumer International. This is another proud feather in your cap. May the light of financial wisdom that Moneylife Foundation commits to spread far and wide.

Sohrab Kapadia Moneylife Foundation Member

Thanks a great deal to Moneylife Foundation Insurance Helpline. The executive visited me at my current address and handed the revised policy terms. I am deeply grateful for the speed with which you have responded to every one of my concerns. May you continue to brighten the lives of many harassed investors.

Ms Rossanna D'Cunha Insurance Helpline user

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the counseling and very much relieved! I hope more people will come to know about it and benefit from it. I am very thankful to Moneylife Foundation for this service.

Rupak Kulkarni Disha Counselee

I was not aware about such a great and noble idea. Thanks to Moneylife Foundation. It is through them I came across Disha. I am very much happy with the counseling and it shows your philanthropic attitude. I am thankful to you and your team; because of your continuous persuasion I got my hard earned money back. Thank you for your support the way you pursued my matter with concern and authority. Truly impeccable! Thanks a ton!

Priyanshu Wankhade Disha Counselee

sunnymoneyI bought a three year subscription to Moneylife magazine started reading the 22nd August issue. Since I was in office I just a few pages. As I lay on my bed to sleep, there was something which didn’t allow me to sleep. I picked up my laptop and started reading the Moneylife again, and read till 4am! What a marvelous efforts you guys are putting together! Thanks for the everything and Moneylife deserves a big standing ovation

Sunny Arora Moneylife Subscriber

Money matters did scare me a lot,
How to invest wisely was always my thought;
Stocks, Insurance, Funds, different schemes with different target,
Would all that be safe and sound in this risk bearing market?
Whom do I trust? Whom do I ask?
Then I found a special friend to ease my task,
Abundant financial wisdom with its readers to share,
Guide to investment planning with caution and care.
That’s Moneylife I have voted the best,
Keeping all my financial worries, at rest.

Pratistha Firdos Namirian B.Com L.L.B. L.L.M.