Money matters did scare me a lot,
How to invest wisely was always my thought;
Stocks, Insurance, Funds, different schemes with different target,
Would all that be safe and sound in this risk bearing market?
Whom do I trust? Whom do I ask?
Then I found a special friend to ease my task,
Abundant financial wisdom with its readers to share,
Guide to investment planning with caution and care.
That’s Moneylife I have voted the best,
Keeping all my financial worries, at rest.

Pratistha Firdos Namirian B.Com L.L.B. L.L.M.

Congratulations on the success of reaching out to savers and educating them the finances through your highly reputed organisation—Moneylife Foundation.  My husband persuaded me to read Moneylife magazines to make me aware of day to day financial frauds and how to take investment decisions. I saw him politely refuse the HDFC Bank officials who were trying to lure him to invest in their scheme. Before they could convince him to invest my husband told them very clearly about the drawbacks in the scheme which they had not mentioned and they were surprised about the same.  They asked how he knew so much and he had told about Moneylife. I was so impressed by his knowledge which further created interest in reading this very great magazine. I subscribed to the magazine, in my husband’s name, as birthday gift on 16th April 2013. I had the priviledge of attending the seminar on ” Basics of Finance a Woman Must Know” (even when my husband is not in town) and wish to really thank this institution for the precious knowledge shared and I feel I must appreciate all your valuable efforts to educate and prepare women to be financially confident.

Pratistha Firdos Namirian B.Com L.L.B. L.L.M.

I take this opportunity to congratulate each and every member of Moneylife Foundation for a landmark achievement of CENTURY of seminars which, in true sense, leads to investor empowerment. I hope ‘100’ remains just a mere number and the Foundation scales new heights in investor education and empowerment


Aditya Karnik Certified Financial Planner

I wish Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu and the team at Moneylife Foundation the very best in the years to come. The Foundation’s mission to spread awareness about financial matters is to be lauded. It is an honour to be associated with the Moneylife group in every small way.

Sharad Jain

Congratulations! It is indeed a great start. Wishing you a marvelous journey ahead!

Pankaj Kapoor Managing Director, Liases Foras

I always appreciate Moneylife Foundation’s noble cause of educating people in financial matters and taking their problems to the authorities and lending a helping hand. The seminars conducted by the Foundation has been an eye-opener for me. I would like to thank Moneylife Foundation for everything and would like to help in any small way to make this noble cause a success.

Kirtan B Raut

Hearty Congratulations on your Anniversary.  May the Almighty give you the power to stand up against injustices in the financial services industry and give you the power to provide proper advice to the common public. All the right minded Indians will be with you, in this mission


At the outset I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the painstaking efforts that Moneylife Foundation has undertaken in addressing various burning issues concerning senior citizens

A Sundaram Senior Citizen and Moneylife Foundation Member

It is nice to have been a part of the Moneylife’s journey. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!

PV Subramanyam, on anniversary event Chartered Accountant and Financial Trainer

100x100This is an excellent move from MoneyLife. There does not seem to be any check either by the RBI or SEBI on such practices and the banks fail to tell savers whether the products in question have the approval from SEBI. Most of the senior investors who suffer, lose track of transactions and they do not know whom to approach and how to get back the money. Mr Sharma’s case is one such instance which MoneyLife beautifully tackled and brought to a sensible and logical conclusion.

Dr TV Gopalakrishnan Retired Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India