I am pleased to inform you that Moneylife Foundation’s Pune seminar was a grand success and such seminars at various locations of the country is the need of the hour, since awareness about the financial literacy needs lot of attention and efforts at all levels.

SB Kulkarni

I was in Pune to attend the workshop and I found it very useful and helpful. Moneylife Foundation must arrange such meets from time to time.

Shrinivas Madwanna

Moneylife Foundation is doing a yeoman service to all. I wish all the success to the Foundation to increase financial literacy of the common man as well as success in highlighting the shortcomings of our regulators and exposing the dealings of manipulators.

Santhan Krishnan

As an accountant, I obtained some useful points from the workshop conducted where CA Gautam Shah was the guest speaker. The program & hospitality was good. We wish that 2011 may be your ever best!

RM Anthony

Congratulations to Ms Sucheta Dalal and Mr Debashis. Great work on spreading financial literacy among people.

Pawan Karanjiya

Kudos to Moneylife! Thanks for the motivational work you have done for the common man. Truth will always prevail.

Dr Prakash Khalap Moneylife Foundation member

It was indeed nice to bring in such luminaries like Mr Vinod Rai for the 3rd anniversary speech. When fear is not in the mind, Moneylife Foundation’s can be as ferocious as you want. Moneylife Foundation is fearless and has the courage to call the best people from the world to enlighten souls like us. Your work in this field is commendable and the entire Moneylife team have to be appreciated for the coordinated work they have put in. Thanks once again!

V. Jayaraman Moneylife Foundation Member

Thank you, Sucheta Dalal and your Moneylife Foundation for keeping the flame of integrity — in a creative, honest, and professionally competent INDIA — burning! If ever I can be of some help, I would be privileged to lend a helping hand.

Hari Dang Moneylife Foundation Member

Dear Sucheta,

What a delight it is to read your communications, about Moneylife Foundation activities! Sometimes I wish Mumbai was closer so that I could hop over to be able to participate in everything that you organize. Having Mr Vinod Rai was a great idea. Truly there are such few people one can just spontaneously respect. When we were young there were so many such people. Times have changed and the threshold of integrity has definitely comedown. I looked at the photos of Mr Vinod Rai, your team participants & you. Felt very very good just looking at the photos.

Big hug to you dear Sucheta.

More energy, more strength to all that you do.

Dr. Mira Shiva Coordinator, Initiative for Health & Equity in Society

Sterling work! I cannot describe how much I have benefited from all the information Moneylife Foundation has enabled. If there is any way to contribute back do let me know.

Vikas Sivaraman Moneylife Foundation Member